Sunday, August 3, 2008

" Thinking of You"....

I finally completed this card....I started with an entirely different arrangement for this card but this is what I ended with.....
With Gratitude Embossing and Die Combo Folder
Carson 140 lb ColdPressed Watercolor paper
Bangle Bling studs -embellies
Stampendous Perfectly Clear Stamp-Pattern Trio
Dashes, Dots & Checks-Ribbon
Thinking of You"-CTMH Stamp


Gin said...

Ms. Dee, I like how that weight of paper make your embossing just pop out at you. Nice work.


AmyC said...

Very pretty!! The embossing really adds to the card.

CakeJunkie said...

The picture is a little small for me to see exactly what they look like, but those little stud things look cool. Very neat!

CakeJunkie said...

Oh, duh. I just figured out you can click on the picture to enlarge it...haha. Those are very cool! They look like they would be great for "manly" creations as well.

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