Sunday, October 5, 2008

Disney Pixar Cars- "The King", "Mack" and "Mater"

Okay, I completed the other three "Cars" Wall Art...The King, Mack and Mater......I think I am calling it quits for tonight. They were fun to make...but....a lot of work...I think I need to google Cars and find the actual pictures of these.....The booklet that came with the cart have very small pictures of each of the cars and it really makes it hard to put them together...........Okay, that said.....These are the last three guys......And I have completed 1 item on my list.....whewwww!!!!!!


Kimberly said...

wow! your cars look AWSOME! your little guy should love these, mine is looking at them over my shoulder and I know he would love them :)
Thanks for sharing all your beautiful crafts.. back to looking

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work!
Thank you so much for posting these.

Regina G.

Gin said...

Ms. Dee
Cute cars. I know your GS is going to love having these cars. My GS would like Mater. Enjoy your cartridge. Good work.


Heather Bares said...

you did a great job on these!

Mandy said...

They turned out fantastic!!!

j said...

OHH Dee i love them,but i find they are too big for cards & L.O's......They really are only good got wall art...I am not unhappy with the cart but i am a little dissappointed with the size

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