Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter Woodland Village

I love everything about the Winter Woodland cart and especially thought the 3d buildings were such a great idea and absolutely adorable..... Sooooo.....of course I had to try them ...but kept looking at the book and thought the cart was quite complexed.......Well,(surprise)....easy, easy, easy is......And so much fun....Sooooo.........I decided to make a miniature village. Though I cut a couple of the builings at 4"....I cut the Clock Tower at 5.5" I am having to use the 12x24" mat.....The houses are small ...but not tiny....and I am really loving it because I can detail each of the buildings (and I love detail..) Hehe.........This is the start of my village ...and I am going to complete the village with roads, trees, snowmen, etc...(I hope...).....but here are pics of what I have completetd so far.....This is really a lot of fun to make and they are sooo relaxing......Can't wait to finish....Okay...back to making more......and ladies TFL....
Church, house and Clock Tower

Sideview of Church- I used stickles in window pane -used Cuttlebug/embossing folder for stones on building-steepleSideview of House -added shutters and pop dotted them on both sides. also used cuttlebug/embossing folder on roof, added panes to windows....


LisaLisa said...

It's beginning to look like Christmas with your village Ms. Dee. You did an astounding job and I love how you emphasized each building with individual details. You are the Ultimate Crafter!

Terry Oulboub said...

Oh Ms. Dee, this is astounding! I am just in awe of all the work you put in to creating such a beautiful village. Ohhhh...someone needs to put this on her wish list....

Live Love and Scrap said...

These are really cute...I still havent tried these little houses...maybe next year...yikes!!!

Kathy said...

Wow, Ms. Dee, wow, wow, wow!!! what did you use for the hands of the clock?

Kathy Oscar

barb said...

Gorgeous, I just started my first house #3 and cannot find a chimney. How do you find all the parts?

Ms_Dee said...

Thanks Ladies.....I can't wait to do more......I am going to incorporate lots using coordinating PP.....

Barb...all the parts for each building is on the key for the house ....but you may have to hit Laers or Layer +shift in some cases......Look at the booklet again....and in the back of the book lets you know which keys go with the parts......I think for the most part... for the chimney's you have to hit the Laeyrs key......I have not checked ....but take a look.....These are soooo much fun.....I should be able to play some more this weekend......Well, starting tomorrow ...once I clean house......(hehe...)

DonnaMundinger said...

These are sooo cute Dee and I love the embossed details you'Ve added. xxD

Anonymous said...

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Myra B. said...

These are fantastic. You have so much patience and creativity to put these together to beautifully.

Etha said...

What beautiful detailing!! Now my question is, you say you used the 12 by 24 mat, where do you get paper that is larger than 12 by 12?

Ms_Dee said...

Ladies Thanks for all of the great comments...I will post pics as I move along with my lil village...I was able to place the tower on a platform and put a fence around it........and a made two more house....both using PP.....These things are so much fun to make.....

Etha....I don't have paper that large...But it allows me to cut all of the pieces on one mat...the largest size house that I have made so far is only 5.5 inches.

Anonymous said...

Your village is off to a wonderful start! I can't wait to see the completed project!!!

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