Sunday, February 27, 2011

Completed "Lost and Found" Tim Holtz Album

I completed my album.....well....I realized I missed a couple of things....but I'll finish those as I fill my album...I am very happy with it......and as are some of the pages...Again Thanks Kathy from "Paper Phenomenon" your video was great, very helpful and full of inspiration.......

Again Thanks kathy for the Tyvek envelope tip...I immediately ran out and purchased them once I saw your youtube video...I wasn't able to get the package....but ended up getting a 50 envelope box of them.....but I was not aware of all the other crafts being made with this I'm sure other than binding ....I'll find plenty of other uses for it.....Thanks


Audrey Frelx said...

It really is absolutely gorgeous, and I can't believe all the detail.

I really can't believe it didn't take long to do, it looks very detailed and difficult!

I truly wish I could see the whole book; I'm really impressed!!!

Sue in CT said...

OMG! I got to make that!!!! It is fantastic! I know it was a lot of work but oh my it is so worth it. Now to find all the stuff I need is going to be a challenge in itself.

Brown Sugar Babies said...

Love your album - it's gorgeous!!

Lisa said...

Wow, what an album! Wonderful!

Tina said...

I watched Kathy's mini series too! You did a FAB job also! I love your selection of leaves I mean feathers LOL! She is so funny isnt she? I am going to make mine soon.. I am waiting on the chipboard I ordered.Thanks for sharing! I love all Timmy too!

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