Monday, June 27, 2011

RAK's- "Gifts from the Heart"-Altering Wooden Letters-=T,S,C,H,L,I.

Oh my....I have a "lot" going on right now and find that I am burning the candle from both ends.  I participated in a letter altering  challenge over at the Scrap Shack....... enjoyed it so much I decided to make a few for the ladies.....AND....I  also got a special request from one of my sisters....  I have always used these letters to make last minute gifts....As they do make an easy to do ..."last minute" project.

I think I am totally finished with "altering" letters for a minute......Everyone should have received their package by now (except Helen-"Croms).....But...... here they are: 

The letters were purchased from M's.  They are made of  MDF and are approximately 11x 7. I used Acrylic Paint. and PP to design the letters. 

If you use Acrylic paint on this type of board ....It's best to use a better quality artist paint....The MDF board  absorbs the paint...And the artists paint does not absorb as much........Better coverage...and fewer coats of paint.  Drying time is also faster with the artists paint.
I also used various embellies (stickers, rubons, jellies, seam binding, ribbon, bling, ets, ) to personalize each for the person that I made it.

I made this one for my sister


Terry Oulboub said...

Ms. Dee, all of the letters are exquisite. Girl, you inspired so many of us that I think the letters in the stores now will be disappearing at a faster rate because we now have a reason to do more. Each one has a story of its own and you captured a bit of us with each one so specially designed. Mine is in my craft space making my bulletin board look fabulous! You're such a darling sweetie to make these for us!!

Sonia said...

Fabulous Letters! My fav is letter S, lol!

Joynana said...

Ms. Dee, you are a sweetheart who spreads joy everywhere you go. I love my letter and it has a place over my desk.

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