Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Cupcake" LO

This is another of Okieladiebug's Challenges. I am having the hardest times doing these challenges because I do not follow sketches very well...I feel boxed I am trying to do the sketches as they are presented....but I am going to have to change my strategy and just go with the elements in the sketch and let my creative juices flow........I did use my HK cart....(I love the HK font)....just to give it a try....Not exactly the easiest cart to work with....But I will play with that I can do some Wall Art for my DGD...She loves HK.....TFL....


MichelleW said...

Beautiful layout. I am way too lazy to comment on all of your work here so just let me say now that it is all amazing.

~JulieH~ said...

what a gorgeus LO! I love your blog your creations are so wonderful


Anonymous said...

That cupcake looks good enough to eat, Great job I love the Layout


Norine said...

love your LO and the colors are so pretty

Regina G. said...

This is fabulous! You are truly an inspiration.

Kimberly said...

Beautiful!! My dd would love this lo! I also want to thank you for the great directions on how to alter a clock. I posted my own version on my blog and directed everyone over here so they could use them as well :)

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