Monday, October 12, 2009

Envelope Pocket card

I was not sure if this was an old technique or not...but with a crimper and some envelopes .......It was tooooo cute and I thought I would give it a try.....I made this project this weekend and thought they would make very nice cards for the holidays I tried a few....Simple, simple, simple and as I said before ....tooo cute....I have not made any christmas cards using this technique ....but I did try some "Fall" and Halloween cards.....I tried these with two different size envelopes. It's really just one cut, crimp and decorate.....How easy is that?????..... I will be using this technique for christmas for sure. Cute and Simple ..Cut and crimper....(hehe).I used this video from Youtube. Very clear instructions.....Thank you Mary.......



Terry Oulboub said...

Uh-oh Ms. Dee, see what you've I have to invest in a crimper! I keep saying I will and nothing has compelled me enough to do so but NOW...yes, indeed - I love these! These are so cute! Just too adorable not to have!

Treva said...

Now I've got to go ahead and get a you cards, thanks for sharing this idea!

lovemypaper said...

Ms Dee these cards is so very cute.

Kathy said...

Ms. Dee, love what you've done with these note cards. I'm definitely investing in a crimper. Thanks for the link to the tutorial!


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