Saturday, September 3, 2011

Shadow Box Mini Book- Norsugirl inspired

Wow's been a lil over  a month since I last posted.....I just have to do better.....I have been crafting ..just not as much as I want to.....And with work, earthquakes and hurricanes....(WOW) .....time have not been in my favor....But...I have been browsing and surfing youtube....and came across a video that I just had to try.  I was inspired by "thenorsugirl" to make this project.  I thought it was absolutely fabulous.  Click here to see her video.  This is my rendiditon of her project.  Thanks Sari for the instructions.  I had a great time making this...Oh, this is my first...but for sure...I will be making more.  Below are a few pics .....and a video for a better looksee......Thanks for looking ....

                                                                                                     Front Cover

                                                  inside of book (viewing all three pages and shadow box)

                                                                                            sorry for the glare-(2nd page )
                                                                                            ( backside view of 3rd page)

                                                                            Shadow box portion of the book

and the video......


Mrs. Swandog said...

This is awesome...I love it...the look is so are so talented!

Jennifer M. said...

WOW! What a great project. This came out wonderful Dee. Great Job!


Audrey Frelx said...

Hi, Dee! This is fabulous and you did a fabulous job!!!

Joynana said...

Ms. Dee, girl you are a busy crafter. I am love this shadow box card. Your technique is fabulous. See you at the village.

Terry Oulboub said...

Ms. Dee, when I saw this tute, I knew I had to get the papers and replicate this beauty for my own. You're so darn talented and creative - I just get the biggest whirl watching the things you do - love it!

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